What can I do for you?

Tour and Travel:
Product Development

Working as a guide over years, now I am meticulous enough to design tour packages and plan for leisure activities. Attending incentives and exhibitions is also a must for me to analyse the market, evaluate the needs and end in desirable products.

Tourist Guide and Trainer​​

What I appreciate about being a professional tourist guide is the effort you need to make in order to build up your practical know-how of the region/country since you are trapped in an ever-lasting learning loop. Being a trainer, I am fond of devising workshops as well as regular dynamic classes I hold.

Devising and teaching workshops is a passion of mine. One of the workshops I designed and asked two of my colleagues to collaborate with me was the outbound tours principles for the tourist guides.

English Instructor and Mentor​

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English for Tourism in General and for Tourist Guides specifically has been a major field I have taught for more than four years. Now, not only I teach conversation course at university but also I teach ESP for Tourism to tourist guides and colleagues in tourism industry.