Hussein Dehghan

My story

Telling my story is as simple as having a chocolate cake! I am a tourist guide and English instructor who has a passion to learn either through books or by going on trip.
A decade ago, I set up a website to promote e-learning but failed for technical matters. I changed the course of events and made another attempt to promote e-learning, share my travel accounts and tourism experience.
Whoever sees his/her line of work parallel to mine in order to establish international cooperation, do not hesitate to contact me.

Tour and Travel:
Product Development

Gaining experience over the years of traveling, handling tours, participating in International meetings and exhibitions, taking relative courses and working in tourism, I am now in charge of producing products tailored to the needs of some travel agencies, promoting team work and collaborate with all tourism-related entities to make it work for a corporation. Besides, I need to ensure the right marketing and majorly presentation is done for a product. What is more, I sometimes represent a company in their international arena.

Tourist Guide and Trainer

Being fond of history and culture, I took the tourist guide course in May 2003 and started running local tours in March 2004. Later, I started performing tours around Iran and deal more with foreign visitors. This was a new phase since I always pictured me as the representative of Iranians making an attempt to introduce a nation and national heritage. Taking part in International meetings, working on International and national tourist guide affairs, running outbound tours to various destinations, and traveling abroad enabled me to grasp the gravity of the job I have as a tourist guide- cultural and peace ambassador. Aside from guiding, I have been involved in teaching and training. My English teaching background helped me considerably manage the classes properly. Yet, I have always been keen on being trained by international standards as a tourist guide and a trainer. Therefore, I am now a national tourist guide trainer working mainly in my hometown to recruit guides and hold workshops in tourism.

English Instructor
and Mentor

Learning English from adolescence ushered me to study English at university being admitted in 2002. From 2003 onward, I have been teaching English at various levels from Elementary to Advanced, from conversation to Grammar courses and International Cambridge examination preparation courses including KEP, PET, FCE, CAE, and IELTS. Moreover, for a span of three years, I seized the opportunity to be a teacher mentor and observer at two different English Institutions in my hometown.