Hussein Dehghan

What I do


What I appreciate about being a professional tourist guide is the effort you need to make in order to build up your practical know-how of the region/country since you are trapped in an ever-lasting learning loop. Being a trainer, I am fond of devising workshops as well as regular dynamic classes I hold.

My travel accounts

The majestic capital of the Austro-Hungarian dynasty will amaze you by her winter and summer palace within the urban reach. The 2km radius of the area around the statue of Maria Theresa is a must-see in Vienna with a lot of monuments, museums, and statues.


I am in love with traveling and learning more about new countries and people. Hence, should I share my travel shot with you.


My story

My name is Hussein Dehghan. I was born and bred in the city of Yazd, IRAN. Being rather a studious student, I started learning English when I was 14 and by the age of 17 I could talk and think in English. Then, I sat for university entrance exam for English Literature. Getting my Bachelor’s in English I knew more about the language than literature. Later, I pursued my studies in a different field endeavoring to study more about Iran like the figures from the Occident have done. Iranian studies, or in a general term Orientalism, was a true passion of mine with a tourist guide background in history, geography, and architecture.